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What is Audio Visual Integration?

This is an interesting question, and a tough one to describe.

When asked what I do or where I work, I always reply, “Universal AV Services, we supply audio visual solutions to businesses, universities, the NHS”. I then receive a slightly blank look from most! I then explain further that you will have seen screens in meeting rooms often integrated with speakers, control, microphones and again the common response is, so you install TV’s!! Not exactly no!

I get it, it is hard to describe and understand for most, and lots of the terminology is so specific to the industry I think we all believe our own hype. So how do we break it down so all understand it?

Taking each individual component first.

Audio visual – is the means of using both sight and sound components.

Integration – is the act/art of processing or uniting different things.

As an audio visual integrator, we combine all the complex elements needed for a solution to work, such as speakers, microphones, displays, projectors, control panels and cameras, and seamlessly integrate them to ensure you have a working system that is simple to use.

When the prestigious law firm, Walker Morris LLP, were looking to move their offices to the heart of the Leeds business district, they had a requirement to provide a premium working environment, with significantly improved sustainability credentials. This meant a requirement for complex services, with acoustic and audio visual communication. A reception area required digital signage, café and lounge areas needed technology that staff could use to relax but also use for ad hoc meetings. Dedicated meeting rooms needed to have a consistent technology based around a touchscreen interface. The Board Rooms needed the same touchscreen technology, combined with control and voice re-enforcement. Conferencing solutions were needed throughout to allow staff to communicate both internally and externally via Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

The technology used came from different manufacturers, all at the top of their profession in the products they make. The role of Universal AV as an audio visual system integrator, was to bring all this technology together, making sure that it performed and worked in unison to provide Walker Morris LLP with a seamless and failsafe working environment.

Walker Morris Board Room Install Universal AV

Examples of audio visual integration works carried out by Universal AV Services include:

What are the Benefits of Working with an AV Integrator?

AV integration is needed to aid in the modern work and learning environments.  It is no longer the case that we all need to be in the same room at the same time. The pandemic has shown what can be achieved when we work/learn remotely and av systems integration has facilitated this and will continue to do so as a hybrid approach to work and learning is adopted by many.

The complexity of the solutions now on offer is why AV integration is needed. When IT networks/firewalls and program writing all play a part in the installation, it goes beyond the realms of internal IT departments. Audio Visual integration is a specialism and one which should not be undervalued.

Benefits of working with an audio visual system integrator are:

  • Knowledge and experience
  • Relationships with manufacturers
  • They will work with you to determine ROI
  • Install fully functioning, simple to use technology
  • Install fit for purpose solutions – guaranteed by manufacturer warranty
  • Point of contact for service and warranty

Which AV Technologies You Should Integrate?

As an audio visual integrator, Universal AV have designed and integrated audio visual solutions across all sectors, from higher education, corporate, NHS and blue light we have worked on numerous projects.

A typical example of AV systems integration can be found at Rochdale Coroners Court. Universal AV were asked to provide services to allow the Coroners Court to function is a modern, post covid world, using a combination of local and remote technology to allow court proceedings to continue in a seamless manner. In the courtroom itself, we provided the AV integration of a microphone system, a camera system and display screens, so that evidence could be accessed and shared easily by all. Remote systems formed part of the AV systems integration, by allowing witnesses to contribute evidence whilst maintaining their anonymity. The whole av integration system was controlled by the judge by the use of a touch panel which allowed them to control proceedings quite literally by the touch of a button.

The success of the system largely depended upon the ability of the Universal AV project team, consisting of sales account managers, pre-sales engineers, AV system designers, installation engineers, AV system programmers, service engineers and project managers to integrate all of the equipment in to a fully working and easy to use solution. This is the role of the audio visual integrator, to make sure all the various elements work together as a single AV system.

A full range of solutions can be integrated and can be found in our environments and solutions pages.

Why Choose Universal AV as you Audio Visual Integrator?

Working with an audio visual integrator that designs as well as integrates an audio visual system is key. AV integration is more than just popping a screen on the wall from Currys and off you go. It is about working with the customer to ascertain their needs, how they work, how they want to work and why they want to work like that. An audio visual integrator will look at the environment and ascertain the limitations with building materials,  room dynamics, size and furniture set up. Once they have this information, only then can a solution be designed. The design process is not linear, it will take into account different manufacturers and stress test them in the environment they will be used in. An audio visual system integrator will ensure compatibility of product and that they deliver the solution the end client needs.  They recognise that there is not a one solution approach to any given scenario and provide you with a functional, custom designed solution specifically for your space.

Why Universal AV?

Universal AV Services has been a trusted audio visual system integrator for over three decades. The knowledge and experience of all facets of AV gained by the Universal AV team over this period provides our customers and potential customers with an audio visual integrator that not only understands AV, but understands it customers and how they need AV to work. We make the complex simple to use and often at the touch of a button or two.

AV integration is about the integration of products and services to produce a finished working audio visual system. Universal AV provide the full range of services to our customers to ensure they receive aa fully integrated solution.

Our range of services include;

Take a look at the environments we design solutions for.

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