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Video Conferencing

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, video conferencing tools were often used by office workers, but they weren’t as integral a part of day-to-day operations as they are now.

In the last few years, using video conferencing solutions – and unified communications — has become second nature to both the workforce and student body. The widespread adoption of this technology has enabled quick and efficient communications across multiple locations and platforms, from virtually any equipped device.

Why are video conferencing solutions important?

With a huge portion of the workforce now working in remote or hybrid roles, video conferencing solutions are a vital part of your communications toolkit. The right video conferencing tools will allow on-site and remote staff to catch up, collaborate on projects, present to clients, and work together in real time, regardless of location. Today, these solutions are central to the success of your business, so it’s vital to ensure that the tools employed by your organisation are appropriate, fully secure, and fit for purpose.

Video Conferencing and Unified Communications

Most video conferencing solutions now centre around unified communications platforms, and some of the most popular options amongst the modern workforce are Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and Cisco Webex. But to really make the most of this technology, your meeting room set up must be kitted out with the necessary AV equipment, including cameras, microphones, and interactive screens. It’s worth noting that some video conferencing manufacturers design technology is optimised to work best with a specific unified communications platform – so it’s important to make the right choice.

When you’re choosing a video conferencing solution, you’ll need to consider the working model your business or organisation uses. Companies that encourage hybrid working are more likely to have flexible workspaces, and these offices require technology able to support their unique needs – with facilities like collaboration and huddle spaces.

Video Conferencing Installation with Universal AV

Whether you’re moving into a new office space, or looking to upgrade your current setup, Universal AV has the expertise and experience to help you choose the right technology, and carry out your video conferencing installation.

First, we make sure we fully understand your business’ needs – how you plan to use the technology and the priorities of your workforce. For instance, we’ll take into account factors like room size, any acoustic constraints, or the need for any specific technology, such as wireless conferencing cameras.
To ensure we’re selecting the most suitable technology for your environment, we also consult with leading manufacturers, and we prioritise ease of use during the installation process so it’ll be simple for you and your team to get the hang of.

Plus, when you work with Universal AV – you work with one team every step of the way. We handle the whole process, starting with an initial solution design and the provision of a quote, right through to project delivery, installation and our managed integration support service.

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The Benefits of Video Conferencing Solutions

Video conferencing solutions offer businesses and employees many different advantages, but here are some of the biggest benefits you can expect to experience:

    • Improved communications. With a solution that can cater to hybrid and remote working teams, as well as on-site staff, communications are sure to be streamlined.
    • Relationship building. Thanks to better communications, team members can communicate in a less formal, more efficient way.
    • Time and cost-efficient. Your team can save travel time and expenses by holding meetings, presentations, and catchups virtually via video conferencing tools.
    • Solutions optimised for specific platforms. For maximum efficiency and smooth performance, choose a solution that’s optimised for your chosen communications platform.
    • Boosts collaboration. Help your team work together more regularly and effectively, with the right video conferencing solution.

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