AV Over IP

AV over IP – which stands for “audio visual over internet protocol” – essentially refers to the process of using existing IP network infrastructure for the transfer of audio visual media, control signals and data. Signals are encoded and then transferred as digital packets, before being decoded and displayed at multiple end points.

The limitations of an AV over IP system are always in line with the limitations of the network infrastructure it operates on – this network is usually a LAN, WAN or internet connection. Network switchers operate at the heart of the system, determining the connection between each input and output device.

Video Over IP

You might also hear AV over IP solutions used interchangeably with “video over IP” – this is because video content can easily be shared using an AVoIP system. This is a great way to overcome the limitations of conventional AV systems – like the availability of the right cables and the need for physical proximity. With video over IP, you can easily deliver engaging presentations across several locations – providing your network can reach that far.

Who uses AV over IP solutions?

Applications for an AV over IP systems are varied, but the solution lends itself to a range of different large scale installations. For instance, organisations like universities, large corporates, sports and hospitality venues have been early adopters of the technology. Using an existing IP network or a dedicated AV network, the system can be scaled up almost infinitely, with more end points being added as the infrastructure allows. AV over IP and video over IP aren’t limited by physical ports on switches, but can be expanded with IP ports, and are only limited by the IP network they’re connected to.

AV Over IP Installation

As it’s done using an existing network infrastructure, the AV over IP installation is fairly straightforward. The relevant devices are connected via encoders and decoders, which removes the need for point-to-point installations. This also hugely increases the distance that signals can be transmitted, as it’s no longer determined by the length of an HDMI or DisplayPort cable.

If you’re not sure where to start with finding the right AV over IP system for your business – Universal AV has more than three decades experience in the industry, creating and delivering AV solutions for organisations of all sizes. We take time to understand your needs and the specific environment the system is for, working alongside leading technology providers to build exactly the right setup for your business.

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What are the benefits of AV over IP?

Switching from traditional AV systems to AV over IP offers many different advantages, but here are some of the most remarkable:

  • Super scalable. AV over IP solutions don’t rely on physical ports on switches, instead, multiple IP switches can be connected – so you can scale up the number of ports in line with your needs.
  • Removes distance limits. Similarly, connection range is no longer capped by the length of an HDMI cable, making this a far more flexible and versatile system.
  • Simple to install. As the network infrastructure that AV over IP uses is generally already built, the installation process is quick and affordable.
  • Minimal security risks. With the right encryption technologies, AV over IP is just as secure as conventional AV solutions. The data being shared can also be encrypted, so if the stream is intercepted, it can’t be instantly. downloaded and viewed.

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