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Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are either fabric wrapped or wooden sound absorbing boards designed to reduce noise levels and control echo and reverberation in a room.  Typically, found in spaces where there are hard surfaces as they help absorb the soundwaves and help to create a pleasant, less noisy environment.

Many businesses are guilty of neglecting the soundscaping of the office when looking at redevelopment and refurbishment and focus on aesthetics only. Within the office environment, acoustic panels are vital in helping to create a productive and peaceful workplace. In open plan spaces, they help to reduce noise levels, which can enhance productivity.

Universal AV can supply a wide range of acoustic panels which are sensitive to the environment they will be used in. Acoustic panels can be attached to the wall as acoustic panels for walls, or to the ceiling as baffles or acoustic panels for ceilings. These can take the form of acoustic wood panels or acoustic fabric panels; these can often be customised with colour to match the environment, or screen printed with a company logo or pleasant vista.

AV Environments for Acoustic Panels

  • Board & Meeting Rooms

Acoustic panels are optimally situated within boardrooms or meeting rooms to enhance privacy. They can be strategically positioned on walls or incorporated into the ceiling structure. These panels facilitate confidentiality within the meeting space, allowing participants to be audible during video conferencing calls while preventing external listeners from being disturbed by reverberations within the room.

When we designed the boardroom at our head office in Keighley, we encountered challenges with poor acoustics. To address this issue, we took the proactive step of installing acoustic wall panels, significantly improving the overall acoustical environment and ensuring better sound quality in our boardroom. –  read the full case study here.

  • Collaborative and Huddle Spaces

Collaborative and huddle spaces tend to be found in open plan areas and need some elements of privacy and the ability to work in a peaceful manner. This is where acoustics can get really funky and take a different form.  Acoustic booths are used to provide collaborative areas whilst providing sound proofing for those in the booth to collaborate and speak freely without being heard by the rest of the open plan office, as well as ensure the office is not disturbed by the meeting.

AV Sectors for Acoustic Panels

  • Education

It is vital in this arena that academics can be seen and heard. All in the lecture theatre or classroom should be able to hear clearly with sound not reverberating. Acoustic panels on the walls and within the ceiling make can help ensure this.

  • Corporate

In meeting and training rooms where state-of-the-art audio-visual technology is implemented, maintaining optimal sound quality is crucial. Acoustic panels serve as a valuable solution by mitigating the impact of room dynamics on sound. These panels, strategically placed on hard surfaces, effectively absorb excess noise. Additionally, in open plan areas, the use of acoustic booths becomes essential to further enhance the overall acoustics, ensuring a conducive environment for effective communication and seamless audio-visual experiences.

Why Choose Uni AV For Your Acoustic Panel Solutions

Universal AV take an holistic approach when working with customers.  Looking at room dynamics is just as important as looking at the desired solution.  We would carry out tests within each environment and assess reverberation to see if acoustic wall panels are needed and would benefit the room. For more information, contact us…


Acoustic Panels

Case Study Highlight

Can you hear me?

Sound quality is of the utmost importance in planning audio visual solutions for your meeting room. Read about how even the experts can sometimes fall foul of bad acoustics.

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