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Lecture Theatres

Audio Visual Technology helping inspire and engage the modern academic and student.

The stalwart of the higher education teaching environment, the traditional lecture theatre has been a trusted environment which has stood the test of time and helped deliver countless lectures since the inception of universities. In recent years they have seen a step change in the manner in which teaching and content is delivered.

AV Solutions for Lecture Theatres

Audio visual solutions found in lecture theatres range in scale and complexity. For those old enough there is no longer an OHP at the front of the room, where the lecturer writes on acetate.  A whole host of solutions are available.

Simple, intuitive design in this environment is pivotal. Academics will arrive to teach and need the solution to simply work at the touch of a button.

Audio Solutions and Digital Technology

Digital technology has enabled a collaborative approach to come into the lecture theatre in the form of student participation with products such as voting systems and two-way wireless communication. Audio solutions have played a huge role in this space, in terms of all being able to hear and be heard.  This has had an obvious impact on the design, with universities adopting different approaches to enhance the learning experience.

Lecture Capture and Remote Learning

Universal AV have installed lecture capture solutions and Microsoft Teams classrooms to help facilitate remote and hybrid learning across several Universities. The ability to provide teaching material in this manner, as well be taught in this manner provides lecturers and students alike with greater flexibility.

Audio Visual Displays and Furniture

Audio visual integration and specialised audio visual furniture in this space is essential. The lecture theatre offers a shared experience, where clarity of picture (projection or commercial display), content and sound is of upmost importance.

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Universal AV work with education facilities across the board to install cutting-edge audio visual technology that will inspire the current, and future, generations of students to reach new heights. We tailor our lecture theatre AV solutions to the needs of your institution so that you receive the technology that will make the biggest difference to your specific curriculum.

Universal AV has worked in Higher Education for over 3 decades helping design and innovate with the use of audio visual solutions in this arena. From traditional to modern collaborative environments we have created bespoke lecture theatre solutions for numerous universities including The Esther Simpson BuildingLeeds University Business School, Newcastle University Herschel Learning Labs.

We work closely with universities’ AV, IT and estates departments to establish a preferred standard across the AV estate. This ensures all teaching spaces have a similar look and feel which offers an element of comfort to the academic. After all, everyone in that environment is there to either receive or impart knowledge and information, the audio visual solution should enable this and not detract from this

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Lecture Theatres

Case Study Highlight

Leeds Beckett University Carnegie School of Sport

Leeds Beckett University is a modern professional university with ambition worked with Universal AV Services to create an inspirational teaching and learning space.

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