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Commercial Projectors

Suitable for a wide range of uses and environments – digital projectors have been a staple of audio visual solutions for many years, be it in a teaching space or a board room. Today, commercial projectors still make a major contribution in this diverse market, as they offer the ideal solution for environments that call for a medium or large display, such as lecture theatres and auditoriums, all at a reasonable cost.

The Evolution of Projection Solutions

Thanks to impressive advances in technology, modern projection solutions can operate in demanding environments, whilst still facilitating quality, visually stimulating experiences.

For instance, the introduction of laser technology has transformed the projector market. Not only does it increase the life span of the light source, in some case up to 20,000 hours, but laser technology also enables modern commercial projectors to be far more robust than previous lamp models.

Commercial Projector Installation

This also means they can be safely installed in spaces that might previously have been considered off limits – with 360-degree installation through any axis.

Together with powered lens shift, and a wide range of optional lenses available to boost versatility, lecture hall projectors can be ceiling mounted, or mounted in many other ways, without risking picture distortion either temporarily or in permanent applications.

If your organisation requires a large canvas for an event, several commercial projectors can be combined with features such as easy edge blending – achieving a seamless presentation or video ideal for both corporate and education environments.  Projection can also be used for Projection Mapping, where an image is projected/mapped onto an object like a car or building using software to replicate and follow the shape. Meanwhile, consistent image brightness and colour reproduction is secured through software and advances in both LCD and DLP technology.

Projection Solutions from Universal AV

With thirty years’ experience both designing and delivering AV solutions, our team is well equipped to provide the best projection solution for your business. Before we get started, we carry out a thorough consultation process, to make sure we have a deep understanding of your business’ priorities, the environment where your projector is needed, how it will be used, and the type of mount required.

We then work with leading manufacturers to establish the best possible technology for your needs, and once the design is ready, we’ll take care of the whole commercial projector installation too, including any aftercare you need moving forward.

projectors flown from the ceiling of a university lecture theatre

What are the benefits of projection?

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to modern projection solutions, but here are a few of the key advantages you’re likely to enjoy:

  • Versatile use cases. From sharing video content to pitching and even running classes, commercial projectors have many different uses.
  • Ideal for hybrid teams. With the right projector, video calls with remote clients and team members run smoothly and engagingly, saving time and money on transport.
  • Encourages collaboration. Ideal for group ideation sessions or hybrid workshops, a projector grants everyone the same view, so they can work collaboratively in real time.
  • Efficient set up. Modern projection solutions require minimal wiring in their connection, making them quick and efficient to access.

Commercial Projectors

Case Study Highlight

Leeds Beckett University Carnegie School of Sport

Leeds Beckett University is a modern professional university with ambition worked with Universal AV Services to create an inspirational teaching and learning space.

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