Close up of camera feed on University professor drawing on clear glass whiteboard


Lecture Capture Systems

Simply put, lecture capture is the term used to describe the recording of a lecture, a lesson, presentation, or meeting. Usually it can be viewed as an audio or video recording, but often it’s a combination of the two. Lectures recorded in this way can be viewed either live, as an IP stream, or “on demand” as a video or podcast, after the event.

Why use lecture capture solutions?

Today, video is rapidly becoming the most popular platform for communication, so it makes good business sense for both companies and educational organisations to record their lectures and presentations and create a virtual knowledge base. This is not only a huge asset to the business, but it also enables easier sharing of content, particularly amongst peers and colleagues who can’t be physically present.

In this way, a lecture capture system greatly improves the accessibility of your learning material, allowing organisations and businesses who observe a hybrid or remote model to keep all their staff or students on the same page, regardless of their location or time zone. With a good lecture capture software, you can create and edit recorded content into a presentable form, then catalogue and share it, or store it as a resource for future use. For instance, if a university has a guest lecturer, the value of that lecture is no longer delivered only to those who can attend on the day – instead, the material can be recorded, and streamed on the day by remote viewers, or watched on-demand at a later date.

Lecture Capture Over IP

Most lecture capture is done using modern IP-based systems, which can be set up to automatically stop or start recording in line with meeting times or lecture schedules. With lecture capture over IP, you can even arrange for the recording to be automatically published afterwards, so it’s immediately available for “on-demand” viewing by hybrid or remote students and workers.

There are several popular providers of lecture capture software to consider, like Panopto and Echo360, but the Universal AV team will always consult with industry leading brands to ensure we choose the most appropriate tech for your organisation’s needs.

We take the time to fully understand the environment where you’ll be recording, your working model, and the type of material you’re most likely to be capturing. This enables us to create and deliver the best possible lecture capture system, and we take care of the installation process to boot.

Close up of camera feed on University professor drawing on clear glass whiteboard

What are the benefits of lecture capture?

Lecture capture systems offer both staff and students many benefits, but here are some of the key perks to consider:

  • High quality video. Today’s technology enables clear, crisp video with minimal disruptions caused by lags or buffering.
  • Multiple feeds available. Lecture capture systems can record from several cameras simultaneously, so viewers can see the speaker, their presentation, and the audience.
  • Boosts accessibility. Making content available to watch from home or after the fact helps people with a wide range of disabilities, from neurodivergence to mobility issues.
  • Caters to hybrid & remote models. Giving those who WFH the same access to learning materials as on-site attendees makes flexible working and studying much easier.
  • Increases value of content. Lecture capture solutions allow you to share content more widely and build up a bank of valuable video material too.

Lecture Capture Systems

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Leeds University Business School Through the Looking Glass

Leeds University Business School is a globally recognised business school. It is regularly world ranked by the Financial Times and when they needed help devising a new and innovative way to develop student engagement with online content they turned to Universal AV Services.

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