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Distance Learning

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What is distance learning?
Distance learning is means of educating students from a distance, at home and not in the classroom, in the form of e-learning. Lectures and reading materials are sent via an online platform, with all communication taking place in this manner with end user achieving the same education as those present in class.

With the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the role of distance learning has become more significant. The use of technology such as Teams and Zoom allowed teaching to continue, but the group learning experience was greatly compromised.

Now we are looking at ways of introducing the remote student in to the lecture theatre to produce a hybrid learning experience, where participants are both present and remote. The use of projection, tracking cameras, radio microphones, digital sound processors all combine to allow the natural lecture experience to continue, whilst delivering the content to a mixed audience.

Distance Learning

Case Study Highlight

Leeds University Business School Through the Looking Glass

Leeds University Business School is a globally recognised business school. It is regularly world ranked by the Financial Times and when they needed help devising a new and innovative way to develop student engagement with online content they turned to Universal AV Services.

Looking glass for online teaching

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