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Digital Signage Systems

Simply put, digital signage uses multimedia content to relay a specific message to a target audience, usually using a commercial display screen. Digital signage pulls from varying multimedia sources such as  live TV, video, still images, web content, RSS feeds or just text-only messaging, with the aim of producing an engaging, entertaining, or informative presentation.

Today, digital signage solutions are everywhere – from the shop or factory floor to your local GP reception, the university canteen or the reception/atrium of your office building. Messaging presented in this way needs to be clear and precise – but sharing information through digital signage is very advantageous. Moving content can catch the eye and sustain attention, while relevant details are digitally displayed at a pace that can be easily read and absorbed by passers-by.

Why choose digital signage systems?

Able to operate either on-premises or via the cloud, digital signage solutions allow information to be controlled across multiple devices and delivery points, regardless of physical location. That means messaging can be instantly updated, taken down or swapped out remotely, giving the user complete control, wherever they are.

Digital signage display systems are heavily used in public sector environments like education and health care, but are also commonly found in hospitality spaces – for instance, advertising the specials in a pub or sharing sports scores in a bar.

They’re a versatile investment for organisations and businesses alike, as corporate branding and logos can be easily added to create dynamic on-screen content. Plus, for businesses watching their budget, digital signage is available to be purchased out right, or on subscription, so it’s an affordable solution too.

Digital Signage Installation with Universal AV

With over three decades’ experience in the AV industry, we’ve got the skills and expertise to advise on the type, size, and configuration of digital signage best suited to your business. But before we even get started on this process, we make sure we fully comprehend your objectives, and consult with leading manufacturers to select the right technology for the task and environment in question.

Once we’ve designed your project, and it’s ready to be delivered, our team will also handle your digital signage installation. We pride ourselves on providing end-to-end digital signage solutions, which means we take care of everything from the initial design and quotation, through to managed integration, installation and of course – any aftercare you might need.

The Benefits of Digital Signage

There are plenty of benefits to digital signage, but here are some of the key advantages you can expect to enjoy when you invest in a system for your space:

  • Easily customisable. It’s quick and straightforward to incorporate the branding of your business or organisation into digital signage systems for a professional finish.
  • Multiple payment options. With a subscription plan available, digital signage is also an accessible choice for businesses on a tighter budget.
  • Low running costs. After the initial investment in the technology itself, there are no costs related to refreshing the messaging, and it can be changed as regularly as you’d like.
  • Instantaneous messaging. For instance, if details of an event change last minute, you can instantly update the signage at the venue – no reprinting required.
  • Dynamic content delivery. The content you share can be altered and timed to correspond with exposure to specific audiences in different locations.
  • Complete user control. Most digital signage systems can be controlled remotely – so content can be tweaked or taken down when needed.


digital signage portrait screen in laidlaw library

What are the benefits of digital signage?

  • Low running costs – no more expensive advertising campaigns or printing costs
  • Instantaneous messages
  • Dynamic content which can change with the target audience
  • Complete user control
  • Corporate branding
  • One off purchase or subscription available.

Digital Signage Systems

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