Interactive Displays

Interactive displays – also known as interactive whiteboards– were originally adopted most widely in educational environments, like classrooms or lecture theatres. But as the early users of this technology grew up and moved into the workplace, interactive displays for business became a more popular choice. Today, you’ll find interactive displays in offices all over the UK, as well as in collaborative workspaces and universities.

Why choose an interactive display for your business?

Interactive whiteboards allow for physical interaction between an individual and a PC program. You can view and edit documents in real-time, access online learning materials, or keep your team engaged by working on something like a deck or proposal in largescale.

Since their initial launch, interactive displays have become far more affordable, and available in a broader range of sizes, making them ideal for the meeting and training rooms often used by modern businesses. With an interactive display or digital whiteboard, every meeting becomes a chance for your company to boost productivity and drive results. Making your meetings more visual and interactive helps leaders deliver, share and capture information in a more meaningful and effective way.

Interactive Display Solutions for Hybrid Teams

Using interactive technologies also helps to bridge the gap for hybrid teams, as remote and on-site employees can work together on one project, sharing information and collaborating like never before. Documents and data can be worked on by multiple groups, across multiple locations, so workflows aren’t disrupted by the whereabouts of staff, and progress is made more efficiently.
This is aided by the fact that it’s fairly straightforward to integrate interactive display solutions with unified communications platforms, like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Zoom. With an interactive display, organisations can easily communicate and work in tandem with their hybrid teams, providing they’re in a flexible workspace.

Interactive Display Installation with Universal AV

For over thirty years, Universal AV has been designing and installing AV solutions suitable for working and teaching environments – and we can easily incorporate installation of interactive displays into that set up. Before we even begin the design of your space, we make sure we fully understand your needs and the task at hand. We then consult with leading manufacturers to ensure we choose exactly the right technology for your business.

Our team provides a comprehensive service, beginning with design and the provision of a quote, then moving on to delivery and installation – plus, we’re on hand to provide any ongoing support you might need with your interactive display moving forward.

The benefits of interactive displays?

  • Encourages participation. Interactive displays give everyone the opportunity to get involved, encouraging people who might otherwise stay quiet to participate.
  • Boosts engagement. As they cater to a range of learning styles, interactive displays also boost engagement, making it far easier for staff to absorb information.
  • Caters to hybrid teams. Simple to integrate with video conferencing tools, interactive displays also unify teams split across remote and in-person working.
  • Improves collaboration. They also encourage team members to work together in real-time, contributing ideas and chipping in to help one another.
  • Reduces misunderstandings. With such an easy and engaging means of presenting, information is a lot more likely to be properly understood and remembered by staff.
  • Speeds up decision-making. Data can be shared quickly and effectively via an interactive display solution, so decisions are often faster to be finalised too.

Interactive Displays

Case Study Highlight

Leeds University Business School Creating Collaborative Environments to Foster Learning

The University of Leeds was established in 1904 and is one of the largest higher education institutions in the UK. The University is in a world top 100 University and is renowned globally for its quality of teaching and research. Investing in Knowledge and Opportunity is key for the University; ensuring students have the best possible education and experience possible.

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